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About ImpactMedical

Dr. Matt Coen, DC

ImpactMedical was born from over 20 years of experience assisting patients personally injured in the Valley. After treating patients as a chiropractic physician for many years, Dr. Coen learned the importance of coordinating the medical and legal issues surrounding personal injury cases.

He found that the medical treatment available in Phoenix, Arizona is of the highest quality, including his preferred providers. "I believed what the industry was lacking was sincere patient advocacy and 

medical-legal organization." Therefore, Dr. Coen and his trusted medical providers work closely with each patient to ensure great patient experiences. The ImpactMedical support team assists our patients' legal representatives so that they are able to provide high value to their clients. Typically a personal injury patient is significantly injured at no fault of their own and feels much anxiety about their immediate medical needs. Too often Dr. Coen found them overwhelmed with worry about whether they will recover from their injuries, the loss of transportation, absences from work, and how to provide for their families during it all. Such persistent uncertainty greatly affects their participation in their own health care, which is critical to rehabilitation and recovery.

Patient advocacy is the most important thing we do here at ImpactMedical. Our experienced group of doctors and support team with backgrounds in all injuries related to motor vehicle accidents, work together to assess, analyze, and determine approaches for improvement and restoration. Supporting patients with the necessary medical care and improved communication with all parties involved results in better patient outcomes and understanding.

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